Jackson Engineering sub-contracts to public and private corporations and the US Government pursuing the advancement of technologies for defense against missiles.

2007-08 As Lead Engineer & fabricator of a novel architecture for a composite EM launcher , I was able to continue with a technology Id engaged in 1985. Managing 2.5 Mega Amps to generate 60,000 gee acceleration, the projectiles reliably fly from the muzzle in excess of Mach 5. Subcontractor on General Atomics funded IRAD.

Producing an anode for managing gigawatts of microwave power required innovative application of electric discharge machining and electron beam welding to manage the intricate geometries. Tested at Titan Aerospace exceeding all expectations. Subcontract to TMMT, Inc. of San Diego CA. (photo copyright TMMT)

Decades of successfully producing our designs, not just engineering them, have led to a strong understanding of the inter-relationship between the quality of the tooling, the process and the product. Our tooling is not an after thought , and will stand up to qualification and validation processes.

From 2000-2008 I worked with TMMT, Inc., to engineer and fabricate various high heat flux exchangers. Combining materials and configuration with their high performance heat transfer techniques, we established new performance standards for communications, helicopter ambulances and rocket diverters. All images copyright TMMT, Inc.

2009-present Expanding on earlier success, I continue as Lead barrel engineer & fabricator for 5.5 and 4.5 Mega Amp rapid fire composite launchers . Everything is larger so tooling and processing is critical. Subcontractor to General Atomics (prime) for Office of Naval Research

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