Jackson Engineering, Inc.

Engineering and Technology Development

Broadening your team to help you reach your destination

About Us

Phone: 858-945-3244

E-mail: tom@jacksoneng.com

A consulting firm of very experienced engineers providing extensible resource bandwidth on a contract basis for innovation, analysis, design and project management.

ﳰan> A small business, located in San Diego since 1996 with professional references nationwide.










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Tom R. Jackson is the President and chief engineer of Jackson Engineering, Inc.穴h three decades of engineering and production experience and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, he is committed to our clients㵣cess and remains directly and personally involved in all technical programs.

Our colleagues:

ﳰan> Paul Bieker, P.E.ࠠ쯳pan>Principal of Bieker Boats LLC.⸠years of high performance composite structures, fluid and structural dynamics ANSYS FEA, including Americaõp Oracle trimaran and high performance yacht design and construction.


ﳰan> Duane Gibson, P.E.쯳pan>CEO of GibTec Inc.䵠years of analog and digital circuit design.愁, FAA and GMP design compliance specialist.


ﳰan> Roger Stewart MS࠼/span>CEO of Sharp Design, Inc.䰠years of program management, design specialist, yacht design and construction and licensed California contractor.


ﳰan> Daniel Vrable, PhD CEO of TMMT, Inc.ര year expert in thermal management and materials integration technologies.

Our resources:

ﳰan> Computational:쯳pan>SolidWorks Professional, MathCAD, in-house thermal analysis routines. MS Project and SW Simulation FEA.Ҩino & Ansys are licensed with Bieker Boats LLC


ﳰan> Laboratory: Hydraulics, temperature sensors & acquisition.㴥reoscopic microscopes and micro manipulators.㣡les, pipettes, mixers.


ﳰan> Mechanical:쯳pan>Fully equipped shop. Close relationships with prototype machinists, circuit fabricators and assemblers


ﳰan> Electronic & Software:вecision circuit testing equipment and power sources.


ﳰan> Composites:橢ers, cloth, epoxies and vacuum bagging equipment.䯯ls for filling, fairing and bonding.Сint and finish shop.


Wyndham Jackson is the office manager and Financial Officer of Jackson Engineering.祠pride ourselves on open communication and financial clarity for our customers.ץ are strongly cognizant of the proprietary relationships and trust that our clients place in us as we help them grow valuable new market opportunities and intellectual property strategies.

Who we are: