Jackson Engineering engages in the entire process from innovative idea through design. We  manufacture several of those products for distribution and sale by our clients.

Devices implanted in human arteries demand strict compliance to Federal Regulations. I worked with the clinicians and engineers at Reva and developed patentable scaffold technology to create a temporary implantable device with metal-like performance out of a polymer material. The scaffold restores blood flow and supports the artery through healing, then completely dissolves from the body.  Presently Reva’s scaffold is in human clinical trials.

I especially enjoy collaborating with scientists in fields outside of engineering.   I have a long association with a life science company and teamed with their scientists to create two-dimensional proteomic product line . Supported CE and TUV approvals.   Awarded “Most Innovative Product in Life Sciences”.  Manufactured by Jackson Engineering for sale and distribution by the client.

Occasionally we get to collaborate directly with surgeons who are looking for a particular functionality from a surgical tool.   Our process-controlled design steps, combined with close relationships to precision machine shops enable fast yet compliant design cycles..

Continuing our collaboration with molecular biologist we innovated a new product line for separating samples into molecular species. Attaining CE and TUV approvals was helped by preplanning and experience. This product is manufactured by Jackson Engineering for our client to sell under their label  and sales distribution.

During 2005-2009 I assisted a very small fast moving team of enginees to design and build patentable devices for catheter and IV securements for a San Diego startup company.  Production was initiated in China and the company was purchased by a large medical device manufacturer.

Expandable Coronary Scaffold for Reva Medical

Solution phase electrophoretic fractionators for complex sample preparation

Surgical Instruments

Oil-free protein electrophoresis system with passive thermal equalization for the study of protieomics.

Catheter/Stent Securements for Iapyx Medical

Medical and Life Science Product Examples

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