Jackson Engineering, Inc.

Engineering and Technology Development

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Activities and Services

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E-mail: tom@jacksoneng.com

A consulting firm of very experienced engineers providing extensible resource bandwidth on a contract basis for innovation, analysis, design, prototypes, and project management.

· A small business, located in San Diego since 1996 with professional references nationwide.

What we offer:

· Technical & program expertise in development of high performance products, including lightweight fiber-reinforced structures.

· Pioneers in the field of very highly prestressed filament winding in regimes greater than 250,000 psi bulk stress

- Enabling high efficiency bonded joints and clamped structures.

· Mechanical engineering and product design

- Design: Component through System .

- Material selection and process optimization.

- Thermal management, active & passive.

- Fluid dynamics and optimization.

- Structural Analysis (Classic & Finite Element ANSYS).

- Computer-Aided-Design (SolidWorks).


· Practical Experience, prototype, and pilot production

- Three decades of hands-on fabrication & tooling for composite construction.

- Machining, welding and forging.

- Injection molding and thermoforming.

- Electronic circuit design, fabrication and assembly.


· Project Management

- Program planning for our clients’ success.

- Experienced cost planning and estimating.

- Design process management

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